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60 years experience of water washing

Laundry services

Cleaning services

From home cleaning to shops and industry

Cleaning services

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We supply detergents and cleaning equipment

Cleaning supplies

Cleaning service and laundry services in Uusimaa

Clean Kalle Ab is a laundry and cleaning service for private and business customers, as well as the public sector. We operate in a wide area from Hanko to Helsinki.

Our main shop is in Tammisaari, Raseborg, but we also have laundries in Karjaa, Kirkkonummi, Lauttasaari and on Pietatinkadulla in Helsinki. Read more about our laundry services.

We sell cleaning products and detergents in our shops in Karjaa, Tammisaari and Kirkkonummi. We take orders for cleaning services for anywhere in Southwest Finland, where we are known for our high-quality cleaning. Read more about our cleaning services.

From family company to provider of comprehensive solutions

We are a family company with roots dating back to 1952. Our services have expanded over the decades from laundry services to comprehensive cleaning solutions – all the way from cleaning to sales of cleaning products and detergents. Read more about the company.

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When you need professional laundry or cleaning services in Uusimaa, don't hesitate to turn to Clean Kalle Ab. We serve on the basis of deep experience!

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