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You can also dry clean other clothes. For example, the dry cleaning of leather jackets, shoes, etc., is generally recommended.

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Laundry services for all your needs in Uusimaa

Clean Kalle has over 60 years' experience of water washing. We of course also offer various forms of dry cleaning using new and effective technology. We also provide laundry services to private customers, companies, hotels, restaurants, industry, municipalities and the care sector. You can also inquire about our comprehensive solutions: they include the washing and cleaning you need, as well as delivery of cleaning products and detergents. That way you can get all your cleaning services easily from the same place!

We offer laundry services at these locations:

Our locations below offer all usual laundry services:

  • Ekenäs: Basatorget, Ekenäs, tel. +358 19 2415 058 Mon-Fri 09:30-17:00
  • Karis: Centralgatan 86-88, Karis, tel. +358 19 230 104 Mon-Fri 09:30-17:00
  • Kirkkonummi: Prisma, Kirkkonummi, tel. +358 9 221 3309 Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00
  • Lauttasaari, Helsinki: Lauttasaarentie 31, Helsinki, tel. +358 9 672 397 Mon-Fri 10:00-13:00, 13:30-18:00, Sat 10:00-13:00
  • Ullanlinna, Helsinki: Pietarinkatu 17, Helsinki, tel. +358 400 925 577  Mon-Fri 10:00-17:30

See our laundry price list.

Read more about our laundry services!

Water washing

We take care of the laundry needs of private customers, companies, hotels, restaurants, industry, municipalities and the care sector. Above all else, our work is guided by quality. In water washing, we always follow the appropriate washing instructions and guarantee a clean and fresh result.

Examples of our laundry services:

Tablecloth washing
When washing tablecloths, we use cycles specially developed for them. We remove stains, starch, press and fold by hand. We also iron embroidery and lace by hand.

White work clothes and shirt washing
We wash white work clothes with a washing cycle that is the result of long development. We remove stains, steam the clothes and the finish the job by hand.

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is sensitive and suits delicate clothes and materials. Dry cleaning removes e.g. resin, oil and stearin effectively. Our experience is combined with modern and environmentally friendly technology. We offer our skills in the cleaning of the following products, and more:

  • Dresses (wedding and evening dresses)
  • Suits
  • Tailcoats
  • Jackets
  • Ulster jackets
  • Wool clothing
  • Sheepskins, etc.

When should clothes be dry cleaned?

Clothes and textiles with the following symbol should be dry cleaned:

This symbol means that dry cleaning is not suitable for the garment or textile.

Ask Clean Kalle what can and should be dry cleaned.

Hydrocarbon dry cleaning

The hydrocarbon machine is easy on nature!

Clean Kalle is one of the few laundries which uses a hydrocarbon machine for dry cleaning. The machine uses liquid hydrocarbon in a closed system. Compared to other dry cleaning methods, the liquid left over from hydrocarbon cleaning is environmentally friendly. The machine and its use are thus an investment on behalf of nature.


Wetclean is a water-based method which uses an emulsion detergent. This new technology can be used instead of dry cleaning. The substances and machines used in wetclean take advantage of the good properties of water and eliminate the bad ones.

The method is suitable for water-washable clothes, such as wool shirts and silk accessories, but also shirts, when they are soiled enough to demand special measures.

Ask us which method suits your clothes the best!

Carpet cleaning

Our Salo-based subcontractor, Salon Mattopesupojat, cleans the carpet we cannot wash in our machines.

Leather cleaning

Our subcontractor, Nahkahuolto in Helsinki, takes care of leather cleaning.

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You can get more information about any of our services from our Costumer Service team:
019 264 6600, cleankalle(a)

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