Many laundries - one price list

We offer a full range of laundry services in Uusimaa: in Ekenäs, Karis, Kirkkonummi, as well as Ullanlinna and Lauttasaari in Helsinki. Our experienced professionals leave your clothes clean and fresh.

Laundry price list

Valid from 1.11.2021 onwards

Garment cleaning €/item:

  • Trousers 16,00 €
  • Straight skirt 16,60 €
  • Long skirt 21,00 €
  • Blazer 19,00 €
  • Sweater 14,00 €
  • Jacket, quilted short 29,00 €
  • Jacket, quilted, semi-long 36,00 €
  • Down jacket short 38,00 €
  • Down jacket semi-long 50,00 €
  • Shirt ironed 5,55 €
  • Suit 35,00 €
  • Trench coat 32,50 €

Textile cleaning €/kg:

  • Bed linen, min 3 kg 7,10 €
  • Curtains from 15,55 €
  • Tablecloths from 12,25 €
  • Throw from 26,85 €
  • Pillows from 12,00 €

Carpet cleaning €/m2:

  • Cotton carpet, machine wash 14,50 €
  • Plush carpet 17,50 €
  • Pile carpet 20,60 €
  • Real carpet 31,20 €

Conditions of service

1. When handing over an order to us, customers get a receipt showing the items received, their number, the completion time and the price for each item.

2. If the item brought by the customer to be treated is exceptionally valuable or old, this should be mentioned at the handover stage and an appropriate marking, with the customer's receipt, will be made on the receipt.

3. The number of garments charged per item is always counted in the laundry. Weight-based laundry is taken in as a lot, and we hope that the customer will supply a laundry list with the laundry. If the laundry list turns out to be different when inspected at the laundry, the calculation made by the laundry is binding.

4. The laundry follows the manufacturer's care instructions attached to the product. If the attached care instructions are unclear, mistaken or completely missing, the laundry will choose a cleaning method that suits the product or material, and the cleaning is done at the customer’s responsibility.

5. If the laundry label is defective or if the laundry suspects that removing stains from the item would cause harm to the material, the risk factors are discussed with the customer at the handover stage. If the customer wants to have the product washed despite of the risks, a written statement of the aforementioned issues, for which the laundry is not responsible, is attached to the receipt.

6. The best possible products and procedures, taking into account the item's material, are used. Nevertheless, the complete removal of stains cannot be guaranteed.

7. The laundry commits to keeping to the delivery time stated in the handover receipt. In the event of a delay, the laundry notifies the customer immediately. If the laundry uses subcontractors in its activities, it also makes sure to take the necessary steps related to their delays. The laundry commits to compensating the customer for costs caused by unreasonable delays. If the delay is due to force majeure or any other event outside the control of the laundry, or a subcontractor has been unable to influence or foresee the delay at the handover stage, the laundry is not liable.

8. The laundry is responsible for mistakes in cleaning and finishing as well as possible loss of items in the laundry. In cases caused by mistakes of the laundry the laundry compensates for the damaged or lost item. In compensation cases the laundry uses a table based on the calculation principles for the current value to calculate the compensation for the current value of the item based on its age and purchase price. The current value table used is approved by the consumer ombudsman and can also be seen, if necessary, in the laundries.

9. If the laundry compensates for the full current value of the item, the laundry retains the item for itself. If the customer wants to obtain the item, the compensation will be partial, that is, 40% of the current value.

10. The laundry is obliged to retain cleaned items for free for one (1) month after the completion date mentioned on the receipt. For time in excess of this, the laundry charges 20% of the laundry fee for storage costs. If the customer has not collected the items within one (1) year from the date of completion as indicated on the receipt, the laundry releases the items for a purpose of its choosing. The laundry is obliged to try to contact the customer before taking action.

11. Feedback, missing items, and changes that need to be made must be communicated immediately and before starting to use the items. Complaints must be made either directly when collecting the item or no later than 14 days after collection.

12. In cases of disagreement, the parties aim to reach agreement through mutual negotiations. If the views of the laundry and the customer differ greatly, the first instance for resolving the matter is the Consumer Disputes Resolution Board ( Before bringing the matter to the Consumer Disputes Resolution Board, the consumer must contact the consumer advisory service of the local magistrates' office.

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