Clean Kalle goes Green

Plastic free laundry delivery

At Clean Kalle we are determined to reduce the use of plastic and switch to sustainable alernatives. That is why we now offer our costumers the opportunity to switch to plastic free delivery of their laundry, where the laundry is delivered in recycled fabric bags instead of in plastic.

Our costumers can easily start using plastic free delivery of their laundry:

  1. The costumer turn in their laundry at the closest servicepoint
  2. The laundry is sent to the main laundry in fabric laundry bags
  3. The laundry and the bag are washed
  4. The laundry is packed in fabric bags and labeled with a reusable tag
  5. The customer picks up their laundry in the laundry bag at the servicepoint
  6. Next time the laundry is turned in it will be in the same laundry bag with the label still attached

This way a circle of plastic free laundry delivery is created.

Table cloths and clothing will still be delivered in plastic. We are aiming at being able to offer alternative materials in the future.

Other measures

We are also undertaking other measures in ordre to reduce our impact on the envirnment:

  • Ongoing project aiming at utilizing energy from the ironing line and thereby reduce our energy consumption
  • Water consumption is brought down as a result of new production methods
  • Recycling energy originating from steam production
  • Utilizing energy out of hot air from the dryers
  • Using ecological detergents when washing and dry cleaning
  • Recycling waste

Beside these ongoing measures we are also aiming at in the future:

  • Install solar panels
  • Begin using electric and biogas driven vehicles
  • Explore biotechnological laundry methods

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