The story of cleaning company Clean Kalle from the beginning to the present day

Clean Kalle Ab Oy is a third-generation family company. Our roots date back to 1952. Today, the company has a total of about 35 employees in a number of outlets. Over the years, our service offering has expanded from laundry services to comprehensive cleaning solutions for companies, municipalities and private persons. We operate in Tenala, Ekenäs, Karis, Kirkkonummi and the whole capital region.

Laundry operations began in Helsinki

In the summer of the Olympic year of 1952, Doris Moliis-Mellberg (née Gabrielsson) founded the Töölön Pesula laundry in Ruskeasuo. Ten years later, the family moved to Tenala. Doris Moliis-Mellberg bought the Tenholan Pesula laundry from Robert Müser. Operations developed and expanded to cover the whole of western Uusimaa, Kauniainen, Espoo and Helsinki.

Alongside the laundries, Siivous-Kalle was born

The next generation, Doris's son Kalle Lindström, founded the first cleaning company in Western Uusimaa in 1967, Siivous-Kalle. When Doris retired fifteen years later in 1982, Kalle bought the Tenholan Pesula laundry from his mother. The capacity of Tenholan Pesula grew significantly when Kalle moved the laundry to a larger, modern industrial property in the village, where it still operates.

Fusion into Clean Kalle and expansion

Kalle expanded operations by opening the Siivous-Kalle branch at Gustav Wasas gata 3, Ekenäs. A the same time, Tenholan Pesula bought a dry cleaner's on Centralgatan in Karis. After the expansion, Siivous-Kalle and Tenholan Pesula merged and Clean Kalle was born. The company developed into a modern cleaning business offering comprehensive solutions.

At the end of the 1980s, Clean Kalle expanded to Helsinki. The company bought its first dry cleaner's at Lauttasaarentie 31 in Lauttasaari and then another one on Eteläinen Makasiinikatu, Helsinki, which was sold in 2009.

The present-day operations of the laundry and cleaning chain

The third generation, Kalle's son Jonas Lindström, bought Clean Kalle from his father in 2001. Jonas developed the chain of Clean Kalle shops and dry cleaners further. Today, Clean Kalle serves a large area of the capital region through its branches in Espoontori, Lauttasaari, Martinlaakso and Prisma Kirkkonummi.

So, when you need laundry or cleaning services in Uusimaa, don't hesitate to turn to Clean Kalle Ab.

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