Industrial cleaning

We believe that a clean working environment provides more comfort, motivation and efficiency. We will help you keep your facilities looking presentable for guests.

In industrial cleaning, we take responsibility for the care of production and storage spaces. Our basic services will be adapted to the purpose, floor plan and nature of use of the spaces being cleaned.

Our customers include large industrial facilities and small repair workshops. We take care of cleaning efficiently, without disturbing production.

We customise our cleaning package to each customer

In industrial cleaning, we operate in the same way as in office cleaning and we will customise a basic package for you. Cleaning can be done every evening or once a week, during the day or in the evening. Everything is possible, so tell us about your needs and premises and we will give you a cost-effective cleaning quote.

You can get more information about any of our services from our Costumer Service team:
tel. 019 264 6600, cleankalle(a)

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